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We are premium reseller of SAFEGRID in Turkiye.

Cloud-Based Monitoring System

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GridGuardian® is a cloud-based system that monitors the grid in real-time, accessible through web and mobile interfaces. It uses mapping tools and grid topology data to quickly notify about grid faults. The user-friendly dashboard displays and locates grid events and faults. It also offers reporting and sensor management tools. Instant SMS and email alerts provide actionable information about fault type and location. It can be integrated with existing systems via standard interfaces.


The intelligent cloud-based monitoring and analytics tool

Our brain of the system, GridGuardian®, gives you the big picture about the grid´s performance. It provides instant actionable alerts about all grid faults in real-time. The technology of GridGuardian® has multiple benefits, including:

  • Secure communication with the cloud server

  • Visual GIS-based real-time monitoring

  • Browser, and mobile user interfaces

  • Fast and reliable

  • Optional instant SMS alerts with location information & Fully customisable reports

  • Easy integration with dashboard systems


GridGuardian® is the brain of our system, analyzing all data provided by the sensors Grayfox® and Grayhawk®.

With GridGuardian®, our sensors can form a deep learning analytic system for fault prediction and predictive grid maintenance.

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